The Top 7 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow – Review 2024

Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow

As a pickleball lover who has experienced the discomfort of tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, I am all too aware of how this ailment can limit our enjoyment of the sport. Pickleball players find it particularly difficult because this sport necessitates many wrist actions, exacerbating the issue. But don’t worry, I have got your point.

After spending my day researching and consulting with orthopaedics, I found some of the best pickleball paddles for tennis elbow. While finding these paddles, I considered several variables, like weight, surface type, grip size, and many others.

I’ve described each pickleball paddle below with a full explanation so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. I also discussed what factors you should consider when purchasing a pickleball paddle.

What factors make a pickleball paddle suitable for tennis elbow?

Some main factors that typically make the pickleball paddle suitable for tennis elbow are a softer core, handle, and weight.

Softer Core: A softer core increases control over the ball and absorbs impact from the ball. Also, it dampens vibrations and provides less shock, reducing the risk of injury.

Handle: The design and shape of the handle determine its comfortable feel. An ergonomic handle can improve comfort during long gameplay and prevent hand fatigue.

Weight: Usually, a lighter paddle provides excellent control and manoeuvrability during extended gameplay. Players with a tennis elbow opt for a more lightweight paddle because a heavier one requires more effort to hit the ball. Moreover, a lighter paddle reduces strain on the arm and shoulder.

What characteristics should I look for in a paddle to prevent tennis elbow?

You should grab a paddle with a polymer or composite core, as these materials are more comfortable for joints. Additionally, a paddle with a more prominent sweet spot can reduce the risk of tennis elbow.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Elbow

ProKennex⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐0.48 P Check Price
JOOLA⭐⭐⭐⭐0.48 P Check Price
Nettie⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐0.67 p Check Price
Onix⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐0.51 p Check Price
VINSGUIR⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐0.34kg Check Price
Gamma⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐7.6 oz Check Price
Bison⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐8 ou Check Price

ProKennex Ovation Flight Pickleball Paddle for Tennis elbow

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A champion pickleball player created the ProKennex ovation flight paddle using kinetic energy technology. The paddle is designed to meet the demands of people who want to play their game and take it to new heights.

It suits every player, and you can easily beat your competence with this paddle because of Toray T700 carbon fibre, providing strength and indelibility. This oval-shaped paddle with a large surface area is the best option for professional players. Also, a sizeable central spot offers greater mobility.

It’s a lightweight design and provides quick reaction for your power hits. The weight of ProKennex ovation is up to 0.48 pounds. The technology used to design this model protects your arms and elbows from serious injury.

Key Features

Weight: Weight is one of the most critical factors that will seriously impact your elbow and gameplay. The ProKennex ovation flight offers a weight of 7.3 to 7.6 ounces, which is well-fit for overall players and provides an excellent balance to generate powerful shots with perfect manoeuvrability.

Grip Style and Circumference:  The ProKennex paddle is textured with a comfortable cushion grip for extended playing, ensuring a comfortable feel while hitting the ball. Also, the grip circumference is 4 inches, perfect for various hand sizes, and can accommodate your needs to enhance your play experience.

Handle Length: The paddle has a 4-7/8″ lengthy handle, offering maximum space for the player to hold it securely. This feature improved control over the paddle, allowing you to hit precisely.

Paddle Face: Usually, the players first consider the face of the paddle because it is a crucial element that dictates accuracy and empowers your shots. The prokennex paddle is crafted from carbon with a diamond frost face, making it lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, the diamond frost face provides a finesse touch and enhances spin capabilities.


  • A sleek handle reduces the risk of injuries and wrist strain.
  • Perfect for professional players.
  • Available in different colors.
  • A composite structure provides durability and strength.


  • It is more expensive than other paddles.
  • It’s not ideal for people who want to react quickly.

JOOLA Radius Pro Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow

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The JOOLA radius pro pickleball is a game-changer paddle designed with exact and innovative carbon grip surface (CGS) technology. This CGS technology prevents elbow pain and will take you to the next level.

It offers unparalleled features that help deliver a unique type of spin and control. It’s a round-shaped paddle that gives you a large sweet spot to play aggressively. The carbon grip surface increases durability and ensures a firm grip to add more spin with better control. It comprises a responsive polypropylene honeycomb core that increases the lifespan, Controls vibrations, and lessens them.

The Joola radius has two types, CGS 14mm and CGS 16mm. CGS 14mm has a thin core and offers more power, while CGS 16mm has a thicker core, but when the ball hits the paddle, it can stay on the paddle a bit longer. This thick core provides more control when the ball hits.

Key Features

Approval: The JOOLA paddle is fully certified by USAPA and can be utilized in local or national tournaments. It means the paddle meets every standard and can fulfil a player’s requirements.

Shape: The paddle shape looks like ping pong, which offers an effective vast hitting area edge to edge for optimal spin and prevents missing shots.

Surface: The Carbon grip surface (CGS) technology distinguishes the JOOLA paddle from others. This feature provides durability and helps the paddle hold onto the ball better. Additionally, the carbon Flex3 surface construction increases spin with efficient power.

Core Materials: A 16mm polymer core has been added to the paddle, actively reducing vibration and increasing controlling capability over the hit. Further, core materials provide a prolonged life to the paddle and enhance the player’s comfort during play for long periods.

Grip: The JOOLA Radius pro paddle is designed with a perforated anti-slip ridge grip directly linked to your performance. This innovative design minimizes shock to hit the ball with perfect energy and prevents slipping.


  • It provides a large sweet spot.
  • It is durable and offers a firm grip.
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core enhances control.


  • Its weight is higher than others.

Nettie C0 – Classic Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow

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This top-grad paddle provides an exceptional experience for professional players or learners. It is superior in substance and style and the best option for the player. While playing with Nettie’s pickleball paddle, you will feel pleasure and enjoy it a lot. It is long-lasting and reliable during gameplay.

The texture of the paddle provides maximum ball spin and cushion. The brown leather is used in its grip construction, which protects your arms and elbows and provides an easy-hold grip.

So that you will feel at ease when you use it, the advanced polymer, carbon, and carbon fiber materials prevent the paddle from breaking or cracking and enhance its performance. It gives the players a wide range of savvy and the optimal balance between power and control.

Key Features

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Core: Featuring a carbon fiber honeycomb core determines an ideal balance between maneuverability and power. This construction decreases the weight ratio, allowing players to react quickly and maintain excellent control over shots.

Leather Grip: A comfortable grip can be considered a game-changer factor, as it offers a better feel with incredible shock absorption. Therefore, the nettie paddle has excellent leather grip construction, ensuring a firm hold. This feature lets you play for a long time and limits your elbow stress confidently.

Performance: The paddle core and premium surface are two outstanding features of a high-performance paddle because the nettie paddle is designed with high polymer and carbon fiber materials. These features will save your paddle from damage such as bend, break, or crack. Also, it provides a proper balance and ample power with demanded control.


  • Top-notch design for professional players.
  • A comfortable texture without noise.
  • provides a solid grip on the hand.


  • Slightly smaller than other paddles.
  • Spinning potential is limited.

ONIX Graphite Z5 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles

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It is one of the most popular paddles because of its remarkable control and ball. Another secret to its popularity is its Nomex core paddles, making players comfortable during play.

High-quality carbon fiber is used in its construction, which makes it durable and easy to control. If you want to take the game to the next level, the Onix paddle is a great and reliable choice. It will help you compete with others and take your game to the next stage.

It will help you a lot with improving your game and experience. A large sweet spot delivers a quick reaction and accurately places the ball on the exact point into the opponent’s side. One of the great things about Onix is that you can play nationally with it across the country.

Moreover, you will feel comfortable, but when you hold the head of the paddle, you will find it hard because of the Nomex core. Further, these paddles are available in different colors and weigh around 0.51 pounds.

Key Features

Protective Edge Guard: The protective edge is one of the outstanding features of this paddle. This guard prevents the paddle from being damaged and chipped if it suddenly touches a hard surface.

Materials: The Onix z5 paddle consists of high-quality materials like plastic, carbon fiber, and graphite, which makes it durable and long-lasting and allows for competitive play. The combination of these materials provides an opportunity to play aggressively.

Handle Shape: The handle shape design of the z5 paddle is similar to a tennis racket, which can be beneficial for your performance. This feature allows more comfort, spin, and control to achieve your goal quickly.

Nomex Honeycomb Core: This is an incredible lightweight paddle due to the honeycomb Nomex core, which sets it apart from other paddles in its class. Its unique Nomex core design creates an ideal balance of power and provides exceptional strength.


  • Reduce the stress on your hands.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Perfect choice for both professional and casual players
  • Durable and easy to control


  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Handle is short

VINSGUIR Pickleball Paddle for Tennis Elbow

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The right pickleball paddle will help you win the game; otherwise, it can take your game to the dark side. It is essential to have a lightweight paddle, which lessens the chances of injury to your hand or elbow.

This vinegar paddle has a smooth graphite surface, which offers durability, strength, accuracy, and excellent ball spin. Also, the 16mm polypropylene honeycomb core makes the paddle ideal for reducing vibration and incredible control. The paddle grip lets you feel comfortable and focus on the game, improving your gaming experience and keeping your hands dry from sweat.

Its weight is about 7.8 oz, perfect for all players, and the head corner shape is curved, which helps you hit the ball faster than other paddles. Besides that, the paddle got approval from the USA and is eligible to play in national tournaments.

Key Features

Surface: The surface of the VinSGUIR pickleball paddle is textured with a unique RTL technology, combining two materials: water-soluble resin and quartz gravel. This highly textured surface creates unmatched spin and control with magnificent power.

Multi-layer Materials: This multi-layer paddle incorporates premium materials like an abrasion and sand-bastin process, carbon fiber, and polypropylene honeycomb core. The first thing the Abrasion Sand-Blastin process ensures is surface smoothness. Additionally, the carbon fibre materials make the paddle extremely lightweight with the perfect blend of power, and the polypropylene honeycomb core enhances strength and reduces vibration.

Large Sweet Spot: One of the beneficial features of this paddle is that it provides a sizeable sweet spot, aims to make the game more enjoyable for players, and prevents slight mishits. It empowers your shots even if you hit on the center or side.


  • Improve manoeuvrability with a smooth surface.
  • The handle provides a comfortable feel.
  • High-quality material makes it more durable.


  • Expensive than other paddles.

GAMMA Sports NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

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Using a Gamma paddle is a good option if someone is looking for unparalleled experience or a professional athletic career. It is based on advanced NeuCore technology, which can endure intense play. NeuCore provides remarkable control, touch, and power that empower the player to dominate during the tournament.

You can enjoy more control while playing because the Gamma paddle features a graphite face. Further, when you grab its sturdy honeycomb cushion grip, you will enjoy exceptional traction and complete control on every shot.

Its average weight is 7.6 oz, among the lightest paddles. Moreover, it is USAPA tested and approved, so you can be sure it satisfies the highest requirements for quality. If you want to enjoy a soft feel while playing, choose the Gamma paddle NeuCore pickleball paddle.

Key Features

Grip Stability: A honeycomb cushion grip is attached to this Gamma paddle for two-handed shots, which makes it an exceptional choice for players of all skills. It provides a stable hold because it can absorb sweat and prevent slipping.

Graphite Face Textured: The paddle face is relatively light and robust graphite. Also, it gives powerful feedback when hitting the ball, allowing you to play competitively with accurate ball placement.

Performance with NeuCore poly Core: Adding the NeuCore poly core is a vital feature of this paddle for increasing performance. This unique feature offers better response and quick reactions even if you’re a new or pro player; it gives you an advantage on the court to beat your opponents well.


  • Soft grip access firm grip.
  • Constructed with a Neucore technology.
  • Delivers an optimal balance between control and competency.


  • The price is much higher than other paddles.
  • Beginners may face challenges due to its construction and modern technology.

Bison Pickleball paddle for Tennis Elbow

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The Summit Bison paddle is a getaway for potential players where their performance meets unbeatable value. Its construction and use of high-quality materials make the paddle durable and capable of withstanding competitive play.

It is designed with a polymer core to give you the best mix of power and control over the ball. The Toray T700 raw carbon surface is engineered with ultra-gritty texture on the Bison paddle, giving an extra spin to the ball. Besides offering remarkable control and balance in every shot, this high-quality material promises a long lifespan.

The octagonal-shaped handles offer smooth grip and comfort during play, which helps avoid wrist strain. Moreover, cutouts in the wrap minimize slippage and keep the hands dry, which lets the players enjoy the game to its fullest.

Key Features

Carbon Fiber Construction: High-quality carbon fiber is integrated into the Bison pickleball paddle for maximum durability and excellent performance.

T700 Surface: The textured T700 surface is a marvelous feature of the Bison paddle. This option sets the paddle apart because it provides exceptional spin and a competitive edge.

Elongated Shape: This paddle is designed with a long shape, an outstanding option for the player to maximize control over the ball. Also, it decreases the chance of a missing shot, thanks to the widened-hitting area.


  • Stylish and smooth design.
  • Let the player play for a long time.
  • Withstand the rigors of gameplay.


  • A bit expensive.

How to choose a pickleball paddle for tennis elbow: Buying Guide

Weight: For tennis elbow players, to purchase a pickleball paddle, make sure the paddle is medium size. Light paddles 7.3 to 7.6 ounces are perfect for those who want speed and a quick response on the court. A heavier paddle can affect your balance and elbow, whereas a medium-weight paddle provides a lighter feel to prevent elbow pain.

Paddle Surface: You should choose a smooth textured surface; it delivers more power and control and lets the player feel better. You can select the paddle surface according to your skill.

Grip Size: Try to choose a paddle with a proper grip that will protect your elbow from injury and wrist strain. Grip size is crucial when playing a game and makes you feel comfortable.

Core Material: Different core materials give the paddle different features. Three types of cores are used in the paddle.

  • Nomex Core: In the Nomex core paddle, a honeycomb-like material is used. It delivers magnificent control with high power.
  • Polymer Core: Different plastics are used in the Polymer core paddle, providing a comfortable feel and reducing vibration. It will fit for casual and professional players.
  • Aluminum Core: A thin layer of aluminum is placed like a sandwich in the Aluminum core paddle, offering precision with durability.


Finding the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow that suits your needs and provides enjoyment in the game without any elbow pain is crucial. Some essential factors you need to remember such as paddle materials, weight, and grip size. Considering these features, you may grab the right paddle for tennis elbow.

I hope the above-listed paddles are worth considering for you. Take the time to carefully consider each paddle and decide to select the one that fulfils your needs and safeguards your elbow health.

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