Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

1. Introduction

We are applying these terms & conditions on this site; following the terms & conditions governing a website’s use and its products and services is essential for protecting your legal and financial interests. By reading and understanding these agreements, ensure you know your rights and responsibilities as a user. Any disagreements may result in the termination of your access to the website or other consequences, such as legal action.

2. All Rights are Reserved

Website owner and their licensors can protect their original work, control their usage, and enforce restrictions when necessary. Respecting these rights not only safeguards the interest of creators but also promotes a fair and innovative online environment, which means that you are prohibited from using, copying, reproducing, performing, stealing data or making any trading on this site.

3. Property of Third Party

May our website consist of hyperlinks or references belonging to third parties. We want to illustrate that we do not actively copy or review the content found on external websites. Therefore, any products or services offered by those third-party websites will be governed according to their terms & conditions. It’s important to consider that the expressed opinions or present material on those external websites may not necessarily be shared or endorsed by us.

We cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or content of external websites for any loss or damage, regardless of how it occurs, that may result from your disclosure of personal information to third parties. It is important to exercise caution and make informed decisions when sharing personal information online.

4. Responsibility for Using 

By accessing or using our website, you acknowledge your agreement to utilize it for its intended purpose and within the boundaries defined by these terms; any supplementary agreements with us and commonly accepted online practices.

It is strictly prohibited to utilize our website or services, publish, or distribute any content or data that contains or is associated with malicious computer software. Additionally, gathering data from our website for direct marketing activities or conducting systematic or automated data collection activities is strictly prohibited to ensure user security, integrity, privacy, and interactions with our platform. Don’t violate these terms; otherwise, Legal action can be taken. We appreciate your understanding and following our terms.

5. Idea Submission 

You are informed to avoid sharing any ideas or other work you consider your own as a third party unless we have first signed an agreement specifically addressing the ownership and protection of intellectual property or a non-disclosure agreement. Without such an agreement, others may use, disclose, or claim your intellectual property without your permission. Protecting your rights and interests through a formal agreement helps both parties know their obligations and provides a legal framework for handling intellectual property.

6. Accessibility

Our provided content is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you face any difficulty due to disability, please notify us with a detailed problem description. We will promptly address the issue using industry-standard technology tools and techniques. We aim to provide all users equal access, and we’ll be thankful to you for helping us achieve that goal.

7. Warranty and Liability

Anything mentioned in this section cannot restrict or eliminate any warranty required by law, and it would be against the law to limit or exclude it. This website’s content can contain inaccuracy or typographical errors. So stating that we are not guaranteeing or promising anything about the information’s availability, accuracy, or completeness. We are not assuring that the content will always be accessible, correct, or comprehensive.

This website does not serve as legal, financial, or medical advice. If you need advice on these factors, it is best to get in touch in a related way.

The statements in this section will be followed as much as the law allows. Still, they won’t prevent us from being responsible for anything that would be illegal for us to avoid responsibility for. We won’t be held liable for any direct or indirect harm or loss, such as loss of profits, data, software, or property damage, that you or anyone else may experience while using our website.

Unless another contract explicitly states otherwise, our responsibility for any damages related to the website or products and services sold through the website is limited. It doesn’t matter what legal action is taken (such as a contract issue, negligence, or intentional wrongdoing); our maximum liability will be the total amount you paid for the products or services or for using the website. This limit applies to all of your claims and actions.

8. Termination of Use

We have the right to change or stop your access to our website or any of its services, temporarily or permanently, whenever we decide. You agree that we won’t be held responsible to you or anyone else if we make such changes, suspend your website access, or if any content you have shared is affected. You won’t receive compensation or payment if certain features, settings, or content you rely on are permanently lost. You mustn’t try to go around or find ways to bypass any restrictions we have in place on our website.

9. Export Restrictions / Legal Compliance

You cannot access this website if you live where the content or products/services sold here are illegal. Also, you should not use this website if it goes against any country’s export laws and regulations.

10. Assignment

You cannot give or pass on your rights and responsibilities mentioned in these terms and conditions to someone else without getting our written permission first. It won’t be considered valid if you try to do so without our permission.

11. Updating of these Terms and conditions

We have the right to make changes anytime in these Terms and Conditions. You should check them regularly for any updates. The date at the start of these Terms and Conditions shows the most recent version. When we make changes or updates and post them on this website, they will become effective. If you keep using this website after we make these changes or updates, you accept and agree to follow these Terms and Conditions.


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