The Top 9 Best Pickleball Paddles for intermediate players – 2023

Best Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players: A Guide to Choosing the Right Gear

An intermediate pickleball player who wants to upgrade their level must have the right paddle to enhance their game. The paddle is one essential gear that can significantly increase your performance and provide an excellent experience to promote to the next level. Considering a high-quality paddle that best suits your playing style offers an opportunity to take your game to new heights. So, according to the intermediate players, we will discuss the best pickleball paddles for intermediate players in this review and provide their features and benefits to make the right decision.

What is the importance of a good pickleball paddle?

The paddle is one of the valuable components of pickleball that determines your shot’s power, control, spin, and overall performance. Developing your skill and techniques can be possible with a high-quality paddle that directly affects your gameplay. Investing in a paddle that meets every standard can significantly improve your skill to an advanced level.

What feature to look for in a pickleball paddle as an intermediate player?

As an intermediate player, you should check out some key factors, such as paddle material, weight, grip size, and shape. Opting for a composite or graphite face is beneficial because that can provide a good blend of power and control. Additionally, a medium-weight paddle with a comfortable grip size and balanced design is the best option for intermediate players.

What is the right-weight paddle for an intermediate player?

The weight is crucial in a paddle that can be chosen depending on the player’s skill level. A highly recommended weight is 7.3 to 8.5 ounces for an intermediate player. This weight range offers a good balance and lets you control the ball with enough force.

Is spending much money on a pickleball paddle as an intermediate player necessary?

Spending a lot of money doesn’t matter; various price paddles are available that cater to the needs of intermediate players on low budgets. Focusing on the paddle’s features is essential instead of considering the price.

Can I use a beginner’s paddle as an intermediate player?

Usually, beginners’ paddles are designed for primary-level players; they may not be suitable for intermediate players because they can’t provide your desired performance and features. You should invest in a paddle that is specially designed for intermediate-level to enhance your skill.

What is the sweet spot in a pickleball paddle, and why is it important?

The area on the paddle’s face that provides power and control when making contact with the ball is called the sweet spot. It allows you to hit with accuracy and minimizes the vibration. Choosing a paddle with a generous sweet spot is vital for mid-level players who want to maximize their performance and consistency.

What are some maintenance tips for pickleball paddles?

It is essential to clean your paddle with a damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat after each game or practice. To prolong the paddle’s life, Keep your paddle far away from extreme temperatures or excessive moisture, which can cause damage the materials. Also, inspect the edge guard and grip; if there are any issues, try to replace them.

Best Pickleball Paddle for Intermediate players

Head4.5220g Check Price
Franklin4.48.1ounce Check Price
Ronbus4.58.1ounce Check Price
Joola4.70.31kg Check Price
Vulcan4.50.49pound Check Price
Gamma4.77.9ounce Check Price
niupipo4.70.49pound Check Price
Prokennex4.60.48Pound Check Price
Picklish4.40.67kg Check Price

Best for Overall Intermediate players: HEAD Extreme Elite Fiberglass Pickleball paddle

HEAD Extreme Elite Pickleball paddle

Check Price

The HEAD Elite paddles are ideal for mid-level players who have some experience but are not yet experts; it will help to level up into advance with its magnificent features.

It’s very lightweight design of 220 g, combined with a fiberglass-hitting surface, provides a cozy feel and ample power, confidently allowing precise shots. The paddle is hugely suitable for competitive play as it gives swinging quickly to hit the ball forcefully. This paddle has an excellent shape and a large sweet spot with a smooth surface, which helps better control the ball.

It is constructed with an ergo grip for a comfortable hold to give better sense during play and helps you hit the ball harder. Also, the core consists of honeycomb polymer, making a satisfying sound and minimal vibration during the hit, and the honeycomb structure reduces the impact of the ball.

Moreover, The head Extreme elite fiberglass paddle offers multiple designs at the same price with one year warranty.

Best Intermediate Player’s Paddle: Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle with MixGrit Surface

Franklin sports pickleball paddle

Check Price

This top-notch paddle has been built with superior materials and provides ample space to play aggressively and increase the winning chance. The paddle has got approval from the USA, which means it meets specific standards and is suitable for being professionally used.

The Maxgrit innovative technology helps decrease the shaking or vibration for better control to hit the ball efficiently, while the 16mm polypropylene core can withstand a lot of use and allows shorts without effort. It weighs about 0.28kg, appropriate for optimal spin and befitting for beginners to pro-level players.

You can perfectly hit the ball in the right spot with a middle surface layer area manufactured with fiberglass, which offers a better touch and maximum power. Considering its overall performance and features, it may be quite worthy for intermediate players and can help to improve their experience.

Best for All Players: Ronbus R1.16 Raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Ronbus pickleball paddle

Check Price

In the pickleball field, the Ronbus R1.16 is considered a high-ranked paddle that can make a big difference in your performance as its structure is designed according to beginner to pro-level players. At least one negative review can’t be found about it.

The raw Toray T700 carbon fiber is one of the standout features of this paddle, which offers durability with a longer-lasting textured finish, and the surface allows to generate maximum spin. Its balanced weight distribution plays a vital role in the game and ensures maintained control and reacts quickly to place the ball opponent’s side into a precise location.

The extra-long handle design accommodates a two-handed backhand grip and allows a secure grip enabling players for accurate shots with ease. A polypropylene honeycomb core empowers the paddle to execute soft shots and provides a strong finish.

Best Paddle for Beginners/Intermediate/Advance Players: Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CAS Pickleball Paddle 

Joola Ben Johns pickleball paddle

Check Price

With a great combination of features and advanced technologies, the Joola ben johns paddle provides a new standard for optimal performance and playability. Its abrasion carbon offers a smooth surface with a pleasant sound and a surprising spin and control.

Indeed, a specially constructed grip gives a firm hold to make it more comfortable to swing easily and reduce the shock impact when hitting the ball. This paddle has a well-responsive core designed with 13.5mm thick polypropylene honeycomb materials, giving a long life to the paddle and offering a mighty push.

Joola Ben can be beneficial for developing your skill due to Hybrid-ply technology, which provides two types of multi-materials layers to play offensive and defensive. The top layer is mainly utilized for dinking and blocking, while the bottom layer allows exceptional power.

Best For Beginners to Pro-Level Players: Vulcan V330 Pickleball paddle

Vulcan V330 Pickleball paddle

Check Price

The Vulcan V330 paddle has a stunning design, offering winning power and control for all skill levels. Its unique shape and refined texture deliver outstanding performance on the court. Featuring a 10 mm polypropylene core, determines a solid and responsive feel and empowers the impression of your shot.

The blended surface is crafted with Carbon fiber and fiberglass, making the paddle durable and ensuring shot accuracy. Also, the V330 strikes a perfect balance with weighing 7.8 ounces and allows maneuverability and stability, which is crucial during intense rallies.

Its non-slip grip is an upgradable option for players, as it improves your control over the paddle to create more spin and reduce the chance of missing shots. Whether a beginner or intermediate player, you can elevate your experience by taking this paddle.

Best for All Skill Levels with Power and Control: GAMMA Sport 5.0 Paddle for Pickleball

Gamma paddle for pickleball sports

Check Price

Unleash your true potential with the Gamma paddle, which is ultimately a game-changer for pickleball players and offers an exceptional blend of accessibility and precision. This paddle will let you play continuously to improve your game.
Its composite hitting surface offers a winning combination of accessibility and precision. The grip size is 4 1/8 inches, combined with honeycomb, ensuring a firm hold and sweat absorption, and provides high traction for optimal control. A 12mm polypropylene core gives additional power and spin and provides a larger hitting area for responsive shots if you hit the ball in the middle surface or side.

When it comes to playing, you will realize that you have taken a high-quality paddle and reliable piece of equipment, giving you the confidence you need to dominate the game. GAMMA Sports has a rich history of innovation, and its products are designed to inspire players to improve their games.

Best Intermediate Paddle Under $40: niupipo paddle for pickleball with Protective Cover USAPA Approved

niupipo pickleball paddle with protective cover

Check Price

It is a surprising paddle for an intermediate player at this price. It would be challenging to find another one in this budget. With a bundle of features, it will provide extensive practice for becoming a professional player. By choosing this paddle, you can confidently develop your skill.

The niupipo paddle provides a robust and lightweight structure well-suited for mid-level players. A great combination of honeycomb core and fiberglass surface makes the paddle more sturdy and strengthens. It also gives excellent control over the ball and increases the hitting power.

It has a medium size fabric grip, providing a soft feel and maximum hold. The grip circumference of 4.5-inches, and the length is about 4.8 inches which is suitable for most players. The weights measure approximately 7.62-8 ounces, allowing you to play continuously for a long time and put less stress on your wrists and shoulders.

Best Perfect pickleball paddle for intermediate players: ProKennex Ovation Flight

prokennex pickleball paddle for intermediate players

Check Price

ProKennex ovation flight is a unique paddle engineered with an oval shape that doesn’t matter. It offers unparalleled speed and a kinetic shock-absorbing system to achieve a new goal quickly. Its advance features combination provides a competitive edge for players on the court.

Overall, weighing is up to 7.3 – 7.6 ounces which delivers a lighter feel and helps to reduce elbow pain. The frame and shaft are crafted with high-quality carbon fiber, ensuring durability and longevity. Equipped with thin core technology to optimize speed with unmatched maneuverability.

Its wind-resistant edgeless construction is an excellent feature that distinguishes the paddle from others. This feature allows a perfectly smooth swing with sufficient power.

Best for All Pickleball Players Under $100: Picklish Pickleball Paddle with Fiberglass Surface

Picklish pickleball paddle

Check Price

This paddle is an excellent achievement of Picklish, which performs well and provides a stylish look. If you want a paddle like this, look no further, its offers incredible performance with a marvellous look. A magnificent design with high-quality features that Enable you while dominating your opponents on the court.

The paddle has a great collection of fiberglass surfaces and a polymer honeycomb core that strengthens the paddle and ensures maximum spin potential. Also, Picklish offers a free bonus tote bag with this paddle for easy transportation of pickleball gear.

Moreover, this Picklish pickleball paddle is equipped with a reliable and sweatproof grip, essential for extended playtime. With a secure hold also, the grip helps you avoid short missing and empowers the paddle for precise hits.


So far as we know, our review and guidance may certainly fulfill your requirements as intermediate players. But repeatedly, we say you should prioritize features that will suit your skill and can elevate your game. With the right paddle, you will undoubtedly improve your level.

Our listed paddles comprise various brands; each is well-fitted for intermediate players. Each paddle has unique advantages, catering to different playing styles and preferences. Observing these different types of paddles can help you find the paddle that complements your game the best.

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